Hello! Welcome to my world of polymer clay earrings.

I am often asked how did I started making polymer clay earrings, since in Malaysia, polymer clay is not a widely popular medium to use. My love story with jewellery-making began since I was a child. Gotten sick of the unexciting mass-produced jewellery findings, I started looking for materials which allow me to realise my imagination into tangible forms and satisfy my creative cravings. My discovery of the flexibility and strength of polymer clay has led to this journey of mine as a jewellery artisan, and of course, this one-woman-show of Either / Or Design.

About The Art

Professional jewelry-grade polymer clay is used to ensure the quality of each piece. Each polymer clay piece is carefully handcrafted with slow processes, and then baked to cure into durable and strong pieces. The making process requires tremendous amount of time and labour, especially for small pieces rich in patterns. From the mixing of each colour, to the shaping and moulding of each shape, each process is carried out manually by hand. The outcome? Extremely lightweight and waterproof unique designs where you can find no where else.