Heritage Collection and Czech Glass Series graced a full page in Options, The Edge Malaysia

Either / Or Design creates beautiful jewelry inspired by traditional Peranakan tiles.

Growing up, Teoh Su Ling dreamt of being a fashion designer and even went on to study fashion design in Australia. But life had other plans, and she currently does digital marketing for a manufacturing company. Still, Teoh enjoys working with her hands, and in her spare time takes on various crafting projects. “I’ve always liked making jewellery, accessories, anything with my hands. Especially fashion accessories. And then, one day, I discovered polymer clay and thought, ‘Why not try to make it a real business?’” she says.

With encouragement from her family and friends who noticed the designs she created over the years, Teoh launched her jewellery brand Either / Or Design in August 2019. When asked about the name of her business, she says, “I didn’t want to put a box around people’s imagination. My inspiration may be one thing, but when you look at my design, you can interpret it differently.”

Her first few collections were inspired by nature and included mainly botanical elements. One challenge she faced had to do with her raw materials. “I use professional-grade polymer clay, which is not readily available in Malaysia. I have to order it from overseas and it costs quite a bit,” she explains. As her business is self-funded, capital sometimes becomes an issue.

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