Malaysian highlights rich Peranakan heritage via handmade ‌clay jewellery‌ ‌inspired‌ ‌by‌ ‌Peranakan ‌tile‌s ‌

Clay jewellery designer Teoh Su Ling, 33, is a true-blue Penangite who’s proud of her home state, from the local hawker fare to its colonial buildings and sandy beaches. But it is Penang’s Peranakan heritage that genuinely resonates with her.

In particular, Teoh creates clay jewellery pieces – specifically earrings and pendants – with Peranakan tile motifs.

“My Peranakan-inspired jewellery are like historical pieces with a modern twist. They are my interpretation of tradition meets modernity, ” said Teoh in an email interview.

The Peranakans are descendants of Chinese traders who married mostly non-Muslim local women.

This community is unique due to the combination of Chinese and Nusantara cultures, resulting in a rich history of art, architecture, jewellery and cuisine.

Although Teoh isn’t Peranakan, she is still passionate about pushing Peranakan culture into the limelight.

“Penang’s plus point is its rich heritage, and it is something that many people remember it by.

“By incorporating the elements of Penang heritage into my designs, I am able to create delight, nostalgia, or even bring back memories in my audience because these are the things they can relate to, ” explained Teoh, a social media specialist who started her part-time home-based jewellery business last year.

Peranakan tiles come in various hues and a multitude of designs. These ceramic creations feature auspicious designs like fruits, flowers and animals.

Teoh incorporates modern elements like the sleek lines of golden square frames with the Peranakan-inspired tile designs to give a contemporary look to a heritage piece.

“I strive to push boundaries in my design while keeping a balance between design and practicality, ” said Teoh, who has been interested in craft and haberdashery since young.

Peranakan-inspired designs may seem a tad too traditional, but they continue to create waves in the fashion industry.

“I spend a significant amount of time, almost too much time, planning my colour palette for each of my collections before I start to make them.

“Colours are part of the melody which speaks to my audience, if my designs were a song, ” explained Teoh, who shares photos of her designs on Instagram.

Designing and creating clay jewellery is certainly a tedious job, but Teoh enjoys it nonetheless.

“To me, designs are like music; they should tell stories, stir up emotions, and touch hearts. I find a great sense of achievement when I am able to connect with others through my designs.”

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